A nocturne (from the French which meant nocturnal, from Latin nocturnus) is usually a musical composition that is inspired by, or evocative of, the night. Nocturnes (Chopin) - Harlem Nocturne - Nocturne (disambiguation).19 Jun - 5 min - Uploaded by andrea romano Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 Played by Vadim Chaimovich (https://www. redaalc.com5 Mar - 24 min - Uploaded by neuIlaryRheinKlange "Nocturnes" (Trois Nocturnes) is an orchestral composition in three movements written by.Nocturne. music. Alternative Title: notturno. Nocturne, (French: “Nocturnal”), in music, a composition inspired by, or evocative of, the night, and cultivated in the 19th century primarily as a character piece for piano.The term “Nocturne” or “Notturno” (Italian) was first applied in the eighteenth century to pieces written for string ensemble to be performed at an.The Irishman John Field had already composed over 20 nocturnes, which presumably greatly influenced Chopin. The latter continued to develop the light.Misc. Notes, The principal editor of the Nocturnes was Woldemar Bargiel. Publication date from Hofmeister's Verzeichnis. Original scans: dpi, grayscale .the nocturnes The Nocturnes: the folkgaze brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Emma Ruth Rundle now joined by Dave Clifford, Julian Rifkin and Paris Patt have.Nocturne definition, a piece appropriate to the night or evening. See more.Nocturne definition is - a work of art dealing with evening or night; especially: a dreamy pensive composition for the piano.nocturne definition: a gentle piece of classical music. Learn more.Pollini's traversal of Chopin's 19 Nocturnes (he leaves out the pair of posthumous ones) is one of his finest recordings in years. His long-lined yet detailed.It's not surprising to find Nelson Goerner, a pianist renowned for his poetry, recording Chopin's Nocturnes. Certainly, the impression left by this complete set is.Bestselling author John Connolly's first collection of short fiction, Nocturnes, now features five additional stories -- never-before published for an American.The Nocturne podcast is essay radio – a hybrid form of audio storytelling that blends elements of documentary, fiction and sound-art.Review: Nocturnes by Kazuo IshiguroKazuo Ishiguro's spellbinding tales speak of frustration and regret, writes Tom Fleming.Nocturnes are directly related with the genre created by Irish composer John Field. The very name nocturne can be loosely translated as "song of the night"."Songs of the night", "piano bel canto": such is how Fryderyk Chopin's nocturnes are usually described. They are piano miniatures among the most well known.